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Afraid of where and how to finish?

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Executive & Leadership Transformation Coach. Author. Speaker.

A firm believer in human potentials, my goal is to help individuals look within and discover the endless possibilities that lie therein to enable them lift performance and influence positive change.  An experienced leadership development and team performance coach, I have spent most of my career life working with CEOs and organizational leaders helping them to build capacity and achieve improved performance.

I have taught leadership and executive management skills to multicultural teams and organizations in Africa, North America, and Europe.

My mission is to help you live authentically, lead with strength and achieve your purpose.

Amara Emuwa

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What Clients Say

My experience working with Amara Emuwa has been nothing short of transformative. From our first interaction, Amara exhibited an exceptional understanding of the challenges I faced in my role and the unique dynamics of our team. Amara listened to me and encouraged me to reflect on my leadership style (influence vs. authority), communication strategies, and decision-making processes. This deep self-awareness has not only empowered me to work with greater confidence but has also resulted in tangible improvements in my team cohesion and productivity.
Without a doubt, working with Amara has been a pivotal and immensely rewarding experience. Amara’s coaching style helped me to dig deep within. The thought-provoking questions showed me that I have what it takes to move my career to the next level. Her approach is characterized by professionalism, empathy, and unwavering dedication to fostering growth.
Amara helped me gain clarity on my career choices without losing sight of what is important to me. I particularly like that she listened and heard me. Through her questioning skills, she allowed me to come up with my goals and my action plans. Her insightful guidance and thought-provoking discussions have empowered me to overcome mental challenges, enhance my decision-making capabilities, and navigate complex situations with newfound confidence.
Partnering with Dr. Amara Emuwa has been a monumental step in reshaping our organization’s leadership ethos. With an unyielding focus on authentic leadership, Amara has masterfully orchestrated a journey of self-discovery and growth for our leaders. Through immersive workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and personalized strategies, our leadership team members are empowered to connect with their roles, their teams and the organization’s core values. By embracing authentic leadership model, our organization has the extraordinary ability to now cultivate not only effective leadership but also a culture of sincerity, trust, and shared success

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