Treasure Your Scares

Listening to one of my favorite bible teachers recently, he said “treasure your scars.  Your scars can be anchors for you in the future and give you a place in destiny”.  It got my attention and got me thinking.  At times, (maybe not at times) often in the journey of life, we encounter situations that leave indelible marks on us, scars etched upon our hearts and bodies.  First, these scars are individually unique, and eventually they become part of the definition of that person.  

Many a time, we look at these scars as blemishes to be hidden or erased, something to be ashamed of, a reminder of vulnerability or poor choices. But if we shift our perspective, we discover a profound truth: these scars, physical or emotional, are not flaws; they are the marks of courage and strength. 

Perhaps it is a scar from a physical accident (like my son’s) that has taught you to be cautious and resilient. Maybe it’s the emotional scar of heartbreak that reminds us of the depths of our capacity to love and be loved or betrayal that has shown us how strong we are inside. These marks narrate stories of battles fought, lessons learned, and wisdom gained. They are the chapters of a narrative that is uniquely yours, and their existence deserves to be embraced, not concealed.

Why do I agree with this bible teacher that your scars can be anchors that can put you on your path to purpose?  Scars are not an endpoint but rather a continuum—when we bury those memories, we lose the opportunity to honor the progress we have made and the strength we have gained.  Each scar holds the power to shape us into better versions of ourselves, offering profound lessons in humility, empathy, and self-discovery. They remind us that life’s imperfections are not shortcomings to be concealed, but unique attributes that mold us into individuals of depth and character.

Moreover, our scars connect us to one another in a universal tapestry of human experience. In vulnerability lies the potential for empathy and compassion. When we share our stories of healing, we create spaces for others to open up and embrace their own scars. And for a lot of people, purpose is defined by impact on our world and extending helping hands to others. Consequently, the empathy we offer becomes a source of strength for those still navigating the rough waters of their own journeys.  

To treasure our scars does not imply that we should bask in pain or glorify suffering and I hope you do not interpret it that way.  I believe that when we embrace our scars and our journey, we are stronger and if we don’t, we lose the opportunity to acknowledge progress we have made and the strength we have gained.  In closing, I will say that the choice for what you do with your scars is strictly your decision. I will only say like the preacher man, treasure your scars. 

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