Unstuck, Unblock and get Moving.

I like to go on long trail walks and hikes.  The journey through these natural pathways is exhilarating and (sometimes exhausting).  It often requires a mental readiness as well as physical readiness including making sure that you have the right gears.

Sometimes we stop for a little rest and before we know it, we forget it was a stop for a rest and it begins to feel like a destination until we realize we must get up and get going again.  I remember one time when one person in our team said, “Can I wait for you guys here?  Not sure I can take another step”.

 Being stuck is one of the major problems I hear about in my work. 

We all get to “stuck” through different ways and at different times in our professional journey.

Sometimes, we have worked so hard to get to a point in our profession/career and we heave a sigh of relief and think we can settle “here”.  Only to realize we are unfulfilled and have no clue how to take the next steps or what the next steps could be.  

Then you begin to feel the agitation in your spirit.

If you are in an organization, you feel like you are just boiling water at work and nothing to add into it, the promotions seem to have ceased, you hit a plateau, you become restless, stressed, burnt out, distressed, and completely frustrated. 

Anyone get the picture? 

And you wonder if there is a way out?

Two things happen at this stage:

  • You begin to justify your efforts/non-efforts to explain away the gap between where you envision and where you are.
  • You identify the “things” and “people” to blame.

Put differently, you start making excuses… first to yourself. 

In these situations, getting unstuck requires more mental energy just like continuing the hike “you have to will your body to move”.  

You must overcome the mental blocks which include fear and procrastinations to make a significant progress beyond wishing it in your mind. 

In my work, I help executives and teams to shift mindset from excuse-making to owning their strengths so they can accelerate their growth and performance.

If you are feeling stuck, stressed-out and somewhat frustrated at this time in your career whether you are a top executive or emerging leader, reach out for a conversation to see how I can support you to unblock, unstuck and get moving.

If someone in your team is feeling stuck or struggling to define their growth steps, this is a good opportunity to invest in their growth. 

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